oneLOVE: Eric & Darcie

I figured the best way to start off spreading the LOVE was to post about Eric & Darcie's wedding.  (Yes, yes, I know - there's been a delay - why do you email me instead of post comments?) But I digress.

Now, in spite of all the frivolous fun and personally poignant moments I had while visiting RD (which, by the way, is Republica Dominicana, not me being drunk and getting the letters mixed up) was to be witness, to experience, to share in the joy that was Eric and Darcie's wedding.

Before revealing a few select pictures from their Big Day, I think I ought to pause to pay tribute not just to them, not just to their families, but to the entire group of people we have the privelege and honour of spending time with.  There are things about the family you must know.  They are:

  1. In order to be part of the family, you must be willing to lick your plate clean, even (especially) at formal dinners.
  2. You have to know how to have a few (read: several) drinks and retain a sense of humour (especially) when one of their nearest and dearest decides to doff some duds.  (I saw more parts of the male anatomy this trip than I did in almost 5 combined years of diaper changing of my own sons...)
  3. There is NO WAY you can spend any amount of time with their family and friends, and not end up as in love with them, as the Bride and Groom are with (especially) each other.

I honestly can't think of a more perfect match than Eric and Darcie.  Their sense of adventure and humour are only paralleled by the respect and love they have for one another.  Suffice it to say that the bar has been set very high.  Without further adieu, here are a select few (and I use the expression 'select few' loosely) from the Big Day.

N, thank you for forcing them to get engagement photos done.  I meant a lot to me, not just coming from you, but BEING from you.


(and I reallyreallyreally mean that)



Carol Kerfoot said…
I am so loving the love!

Really these are gorgeous Hope! What a fantastic experience! WOW
kate said…
Those are beautiful. I don't have a favorite because they're all so nice, but I do really like the trio of the newlyweds trying to avoid the waves rushing up to meet them!

P.S... no pants?!??
Yaaaayy They got married on my birthday ! :)

Gorgeous images Hopey :)
Fantastic! Love them! I especially love the throwing of the rice shot. Beautiful work :)


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