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all hallow's eve 2008

and one more for the road...

a little something to start your weekend!

pumpkin photography instructions

Happy Halloween!

DLS workshop FAQs

2009 DLW series dates announced

can of worms: Phil 101 ethics paper

dates set for 2009 DLS photography workshop series!!!

candid calculations

going caffeine free

how do I pick a photographer?

a little autumn glory, anyone?

feet and couches

grown-up fun

sneaky pics - what's the law?

whatcha gonna be?

a visit to the pumpkin patch 2008

Hope hates her guts - file under 'tmi'


giving a little back

I'm SO mad at my photographer!

Prince George fall 2008

wear some PINK! (if I can, ANYONE can...)

no love for the photographer

a whole lotta love (and a whole lotta belly!)


when it all comes crashing down

some days

a little normalcy


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