newLOVE: becomes babyLOVE

It's hard to internalize the fact Kael is already a year old.

If you look on the new website, and watch the opening slideshow, you'll see a picture of a baby's feet being held.  That's Kael then.

This is Kael now.

There's always the bittersweet time when the babies I shoot from pregnancy or birth on turn a year old, because it means my job is over for probably a year.... but Kael made my day by snuggling with me the way only babies can snuggle.  Warmed my heart all the way to my toes.

Owen was all over being in the pictures, too - you'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see him demonstrating his somersaulting and jumping skills.

Here's Kael sitting in my suitcase, of course.  He fills it up a lot better now than he did before...  ~sigh~  Thanks for a year of wonderful memories, Mom and Dad.  You have two incredibly lovable boys there, and I'll be counting down the days until our next excuse to get together.   We'll have to make a date, for fun...  I'll bring the weenie sticks!


Ooooh, more cute feet! Great footography :)
Sheila Mc said…
Ohhh, I don't know if seeing these makes it easier or harder to wait for them all! lol.


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