catching up: twice the baggage

Mama B teases me about my compulsion to photograph babies in baggage. Let this be a warning: if you mock my fetish, your kids WILL get stuffed into a suitcase. Oh, and Mama B? Hope's suitcases = Mama B's horses. Ha. And neiner.

It's seriously SO hard to believe the girls are already 6 months old! As I've been sifting through the archives for the portfolio images on the new website, it's been like a stroll down memory lane, and yesterday I happened to come across the mat pics, which, if you recall, were taken with not suitcases but HORSES.

(Check out the mile-long eyelashes on Twin A!)

(I'm sure this means something not very nice in Italian...)

(As the one usually pointing a camera around, I have come to accept the fact I often have this effect on people. I'm used to it.)

(At least Twin B was able to turn on some million-wattage smiles for me - all it took was nudity for her, and a lot of weird farting and whistling noises on my part - cakewalk!)

I think these girls are delicious. Sweeter than ice cream. They'd go nice with a side of strawberry syrup.


kate said…
Those eyelashes! What a cutie. They are both adorable!
Oh I LOVE LOVE these smiles!
OOOOOO! Double trouble girls!

They are adorable and you caught their magic.


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