newLOVE: my camera loves Cameron

Say hello to Cameron.

Cameron is, quite frankly, perfect.

Mom and Dad seem to be smitten, too...

Check out the rolls!  I could eat him!

Yummy baby bum.

My camera loves this baby almost as much as his parents do.  Jody, thanks for shipping me over, and Mom and Dad, thank you so much for letting me strip your baby, stuff him in a basket, and curl him up in a ball on the wonky chair.  P.S.  when you're ready to sell that chair I liked so much, call me...


Laura Jane said…
That smile on the second picture makes my heart skip a beat.
Ooooh, I love these Hope!
Deanna said…
Those are awesome!! I miss my newborn!!!
kate said…
precious new life! what a blessing.


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