catching up: a new addition

I've had a crush on little Mr. B since he was born. I've been telling Mom and Dad they make nice babies and should have more since he was born.

I was relieved to learn they had finally heeded my advice.

Mr B, though, wasn't nearly as excited about my opportunity to take maternity pics as I was. After regaling me with his rockstar prowess he spent the rest of the session (generally) hiding from the camera.

So... by the time I came back, I had missed all the excitement of her arrival. But I did make it out to visit her when she was just 5 days old. And look! Didn't I say they make nice babies? Miss A is absolutely precious. She cooed and pooed her way right into my heart beside big brother B, despite the fact she's already showing the same general attitude towards me as her brother. (I swear, she didn't do that with her finger until I showed up in her face with my camera. She KNOWS.)

As for big brother B, he's still far more interested in musical instruments than the doting gurgling face-making photographer. He did, however, play a song for his new sister.

Apparently, little miss A appreciates his talent.

I know it's selfish of me to say thank you instead of congratulations, but I'm going to risk it this time and say thanks to Mom and Dad for taking my advice and making me another nice baby to visit. MUAH to you all! (And Bear, too...)


Lynda said…
"I swear, she didn't do that with her finger until I showed up in her face with my camera. She KNOWS."


Seriously though, what an absolute DOLL she is! And big bro is a hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love himself!
shutterbug said…
That last picture reminds me of one you took of Logan when he was first born!!

She is so cute!! Congrats to the family!
Mr. B is such a ham! I'm glad you captured such fun shots with him. Miss A is angelic in that last shot.


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