bellyLOVE: at last!

When I think of Jody having a baby, I hear Etta James singing...

Jody is the last of the Spruce Grove Mamampalooza to have baby #2...

She was a little concerned I would miss doing maternity pictures because I was had her booked so lose to her due date, so she went to the lovely and talented Rose Sarich to make sure she didn't miss the opportunity.

However, I needed a couple of pictures for ~my~ books.  And I wanted to see J in all her rounded bellee glory in case she doesn't have another rounded bellee glory moment...  

So I stopped in to say hi, and take a few pictures, and hang out with little miss R.

(Doesn't she have the cutest little feet?  She's pretty excited about having a baby soon.  SHE isn't having one though.  There's ONLY one in Mom's belly.)  Thanks so much for letting me come and see your gorgeous new digs, make animals with your spare change, and take a few pics for my personal collection.  (You look pregnant, not fat, by the way.)

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks to see who' hiding in that beautiful belly!


Yes, those are some cute feet :) Congrats Mom and Dad. I love the bump, great pictures Hope.


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