the whole family came out

I've know this family since there were only 3 of them... 

Fast forward, and they are a beautiful family of 5.

Molson doesn't always get to come along for our photo sessions, so of course there were lots of extra hugs to give the family furbaby.

Some goofing around...

Some exploring...

More goofing around...

And then my favouritest glasses.

THEN Gramma came and we got some pictures of the entire family!!!

After that, I snuck off with the the half of the family

And to hang out with a pair of delicious little blondies!

Being a big sister is the high point of this little dolly's life.

  Clearly the feeling is mutual.

Too too adorable, no?

These two are so sweet they gave me a toothache!

And of course, if you see your cousins wearing funky eyeglasses...

Thanks to the entire clan for making my morning full of smiles, laughter, and sweetness.



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