puppyLOVE: say good morning to Ruby

So yes, I've been a horrible blogger, and I promise I'm going to try and fix this.  In part, I am so far behind I'm afraid to play catch-up as it'll take me weeks to put up all the sessions I'm missing.  But, they are too gorgeous and wonderful not to share, so post I will.  

To get it started, I'd like to share with you a picture of the latest distraction addition to our family.  If you have an hour, I'll explain to you how it is I managed to end up with a chihuahua, a breed I formerly lumped in with the small dogs I usually refer to as "punts." For now it's enough for you to know that she is very smart, very beautiful, very friendly, and very loving.

Her name is Ruby Rosita Chiquita Banana Walls.  And yes, she has a wardrobe. ~sigh~


Martell Clan said…
She is adorable. I am so jealous that you can have any kind of dog, even little ones you can dress up.


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