youLOVE: on the ninth day of Christmas... youLOVE gave to me: nine cats a-meowing...

So, I've never understood the idea of giving anyone but your own kids a pet for a gift, but I've heard some pretty weird stories about people purchasing companions for their loved ones. Would you ever give someone a dog for Christmas? Would you flinch if you heard the gift from your husband tweet? Or would it freak you out to give or receive an unexpected pet for Christmas?


PixelPie said…
We got a puppy or two when we were kids at Christmas time but I could never imagine, like you said, anyone but your own kids. Way too big of a responsibility! I actually think too many pet shops and whatnot push the idea of a pet at Christmas waaay too much. Go to the shelter in 4-6 months and you'll see so many given back... dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, whatever. It's not right.

So, no, never. Not unless that person had been seriously considering that exact pet for quite a long time before and actually had a heads up that it just might be in their stocking (or at least, some goodies to help them out when they purchased their OWN pet).


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