youLOVE: on the fourth day of Christmas... youLOVE gave to me: four stockingfulls.

I've had the same stocking since I was a baby. Green felt, crocheted hot pink daisy chain, black wool stitching, chain detail over a chunky leather boot... I think it's actually the source of my shoe fetish. I can at least say I came by it honestly. It was always filled with an orange, chocolates, nuts, and some small gifts.

There used to be 3 pastel pink bows down the side, but one year when I went to hang the stockings by the cardboard facsimile of a chimney with care, one was mysteriously missing, never to be seen again. An elf (I'm not sure who) carefully snipped the two original bows off and tucked them in the toes for safe keeping and put fresh white bows in their place. So, my stocking is never empty now - it's always filled with love in the shape of two pastel pink satin bows.

Now we have four stockings to hang by the potbelly stove with care. I never have made stockings for my kids - the girls stole two really cool felt stockings that I bought as props for Christmas photos one year while Kaelan got stuck with the third, Wil borrows one of Bill's two stockings, and whomever else happens to join us usually gets one of Bill's socks with a hastily embroidered name. (Which is always funny in March, when he puts on a sock that says, "Nanook" or "Guest" lol)

What's the story behind YOUR stockings?


The stocking tradition in my mom's family as we were growing up was (and still is) to hide the stockings.

My Mom would hide them after we went to bed, and the very first thing we did Christmas morning was to go look for our stockings (which were hidden with degrees of difficulty depending on your age). We would hide Mom and Dad's stockings next..usually opting for the dryer or behind a set of curtains. Never took very long for Mom to find hers!

My stockings that hang on my banister now were made by my Mom and the names on them were embroidered by Ty's first babysitter. I love them!

I love that you have an extra stocking for guests! You are awesome my friend.
Hope Walls said…
We often end up with misfits for Christmas. This year I'm very excited - we've adopted two misfits. One is a visiting researcher from France, and the other is a misplaced car salesman from Ontario who I am hoping will accept our invitation if he is unable to make it home...

I love you too, Christine. <3
We didn't have stockings growing up. Not a known tradition in NZ. But Santa always left our gifts in a pillow case with our names embroided carefully on it. No wrapped gift in expensive wrapping paper, just placed in the pillow case. We wouldn't look into the pillow case, but blindly would pull one gift out at a time. There were alway a handful of macentosh toffees in there too. : )

I still don't have a stocking, but my boys do. Handmade felt, i still need to embroid there names on them. I usually put some candy's and small gifts in there.


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