youLOVE: my calendar girl J.

There is a very small handful of people I can say have known me for most of my life. Growing up I didn't tend to get close to people because I moved around a lot, and it was hard to cement lasting friendships when you knew you would be gone in a few months anyways.

J. is one exception to the pattern. She and I have been through most of the brightest and darkest times of our teenage and adult lives together, and in the three languages I am proficient in speaking, there aren't enough to describe the respect, love, and sisterhood I share with this woman. She's a beautiful friend and a beautiful woman. (She even tolerates Art jumping into her pictures!)

JT, you are a blessing in my life. Thank you, for being you. (And don't kill me for posting the heel-kick picture - it's one of my faves lol)


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