pictureLOVE: learn to love the blur

One of the things I teach in the workshops is that blur isn't a 'bad' thing. Having a bit of blur adds texture, movement, and an element that can often be difficult to detect: the person with the camera.

This is the spirit with which I am approaching 2010. After spending the last few years defining the many aspects of my business, I decided that really what I was doing was tearing myself in too many directions and heading down too many paths. I felt divided and it was a challenge to maintain all these many entities, especially when they all originate from one place: the person with the camera. (That's me - WONDERWOMAN.)

many sessions, one product
many services, one website
many messages, one blog

How will this affect what YOU get? Well, for starters, you'll only have to visit ONE easy-to-navigate, straightforward website to get all the information you need about sessions, workshops, mentorships, events - you name it. When setting up your session, there is only ONE fee to consider, and you can shop for the rest later. There will be only ONE blog with search capacities so you can read the blurryblog, or search for individual components.

So far, in the test environment, I am LOVING it. blurLOVE, oneLOVE, simpleLOVE...

coming soon to www.pictureLOVE.ca


Laura Jane said…
I think this will be perfect for you and everyone. Can't wait to see what it looks like!


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