festiveLOVE: mardi gras!

Oh, goodness - it's once again Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday... the day we should all focus on doing our very best binging before giving it all up for lent. Wish I was here doing the beer and beads Halloween instead of going home to shoverl fluffy white stuff:

OK - no - seriously - it really is Mardi Gras Today. If you can manage it, have pancakes for supper. Heavy on the syrup. Your kids/significant other/dog will love you. At our house I'm having visions of painted macaroni necklaces and paper plate masks. Only they'll be edible tortellini necklaces, and you'll have to lick the sauce off the paper plates before you can make your mask. Or use it to paint your mask. Whichever.

Happy Day Before Lent, everyone!!! Next stop: The Easter Bunny! Uh, wait - the pagan goddess of eggs. No, no, no, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Right. I always get those confused, worse than Baby Jesus and that fat guy in a red suit.


Damn Hallmark.

P.S. I'm giving up caffeine this year.

I be come a shrovin,
Vor a little pankiak,
A bit o' bread o' your baikin',
Or a little truckle cheese
O' your own makin'.
If you'll gi'me a little, I'll ax no more,
If you don't gi'me nothin, I'll rottle your door.'


kate said…
caffeine, eh? I'm not sure what I'll give up. Any suggestions?
Hope Walls said…
dental hygiene?
kate said…
Oh goodness I could never. floss, floss, floss!
Hope Walls said…
We had Mexican Pancakes for supper (soft tacos lol) and I have decided that my new pancake lens is my favourite lens, even more than my 50mm f1.4. ANd that's a HUGE discovery for me?
k said…
I would give up wine and caffeine, but that would be the easy way out. Maybe I'll give up ice cream, even though Hal bought me 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's and shoved them in the back of the freezer so kids couldn't find them. They'll still be there on April 12th, right? (Yeah, right...)


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